Severe Injuries Involving Trucks

Trucks are a crucial part of the economy and a common sight on the road. Unfortunately, the size of large commercial trucks is about 20 times larger than the average car. Plus, these vehicles can carry up to 80,000 pounds of payload. This means that there is rarely a minor truck-related accident and many involve serious injury or even death for those in the smaller vehicle.

We Are Here To Help

With offices in Front Royal and Winchester, but serving the Shenandoah Valley, Williams & Bell, PC, represents those injured in an accident with 18-wheeler, semitrucks or commercial vehicles. Along with the pain and suffering of a severe injury or death, victims and their families will also have to deal with attorneys who aggressively represent trucking firms, insurance companies and other involved business entities. Because of the nature of the injuries and accident, an accident response team is immediately dispatched to build a case to protect the company at the expense of your compensation.

After seeking medical care immediately, it is crucial that the injured party contact a personal injury lawyer experienced with handling truck accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration claims that 88 percent of all truck accidents were caused by the driver, but these companies will still fight back. An attorney can begin work immediately to determine the actual facts of the accident, answer any questions the insurance company may have and make sure that all official statements do not falsely impede you and your family from recovering the maximum compensation possible for these often life-changing injuries.

We Conduct Our Own Investigation

Along with going through this entire recovery process with our clients, we use a team of truck accident experts look at the details of the case to determine whether the cause was driver error, equipment defect or some other issue, including:

  • Was the truck driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Was the truck driver properly trained and licensed?
  • Did the driver observe all safety rules and not drive aggressively?
  • Was the truck properly maintained?
  • Was the truck loaded properly?
  • Did the driver observe the maximum legal hours that he or she can legally drive without rest?

Contact Us If You Are Involved In A Truck Accident

Clients are not charged with any legal fees until we win your case. Call our office at 540-227-0069 or go to our site's Contact page. We respond promptly to all inquiries.