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December 2018 Archives

Resolving marital credit card debt during a split

Virginia couples who have decided to begin the divorce process will have many things to negotiate and resolve before they can begin their new life. One of these is any joint credit card debt they incurred during the marriage. While the way this type of debt is handled during divorce depends on the state, the options that couples have to resolve it are similar throughout the country.

Making parenting time work during the holidays after divorce

Regardless of how recent a divorce is, families in Virginia living separately often deal with a mixed bag of emotions during the holidays. Since this is usually the time when kids have more time off from school, there's often an increased need to shuffle them back and forth between two homes. Add family gatherings and other obligations and traditions to the mix and it's easy to see why parents are advised to have a clear plan in place to reduce holiday stress as much as possible.

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